Saving water during your trip - Bespaar water

We discovered a great product to conserve water in our motorhome:

We vonden een tof product om water te besparen in de camper :

an Instant Off Water Saver,

which can be found online for less than $15.

kan gevonden worden online for minder dan 15$

It replaces the aerator on the faucet.

Het vervangt de beluchter op de kraan.

Turn the (cold) faucet handle to the desired water pressure, and then you can leave it at that setting. When you need water, push the rod to the side to turn on the water; when you release it, it stops instantly. This saves water by using only what you need and helps reduce the spread of germs by not having to touch the handles each time with dirty hands before washing. It also eliminates water drips on the counter behind the faucet from wet hands. For our small sink, we got the 2½-inch model. Sue Hankins & Pat Yacklon, Torrance, California

Technical Editor’s Note: Remember to turn off the hot-water faucet. If you leave both faucets on, you may lose hot water to the rest of the rig.

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