Have you also completely fallen under the spell of vanlife and do you also want to live in a camper?

Whole groups of people have been living in campers for years. In the 60s, the hippies already did it, not only because they wanted to rebel against the norm, but also because it is so wonderfully free. Many retirees travel to the south with their camper in the winter months, for example to spend the winter in Spain (I agree with them). But it has also become incredibly popular again among young people in recent years. The #vanlife is booming on Instagram and you see the most beautiful things passing by.

Which motorhome is suitable to live in?

In fact, any camper is suitable for living. A good camper has at least a kitchenette and a bed on board and you really don't need more. Many elderly people leave with a large camper, an integral camper , for example, is very popular. The campers are ready-made and very spacious. They have a toilet and shower and a well-equipped kitchen. There are permanent comfortable beds and a garage with enough storage space. Super comfortable and ideal to stay (a few months).

In France it's become common to sell your house and start living in an RV when you are retired. If you travel there you'll meet certainly some of them on mostly the free camperspots. Then there are also a lot of young people who convert a transport bus into a camper. Think carefully in advance what you think is important about a camper and which conveniences you want on board. Then make your choice.

What is it really like to live in a motorhome?

If you look around on instagram you will only see the beautiful vanlife pictures. It is often said that this is not very realistic. You don't look like a model all day long, the camper is often a mess, you are not always alone in the most beautiful places, photoshop and lightroom make photos a bit nicer and the moments when you are emptying your porta potti, you won't see it on instagram.

But It is great to see how your whole life fits in your house on wheels, it is relaxed and well-organized. You can come and go wherever you want, especially in the countries where you are allowed to camp in the wild, although with the help of the Park4night app you can be in many more countries in the most beautiful places. Let's agree that you take your rubbish with you. Incidentally, it often happens that you are just driving and suddenly pass a beautiful view. With a camper you have plenty of time to just enjoy it. Are you hungry? Make it a spontaneous picnic. You can still cook at any time. Life in a motorhome takes you back to basics. You have to provide a place to sleep, enough food, a place to relieve yourself and enough water and electricity every day. And now that we have excellent internet coverage throughout Europe and other continents and there are all kinds of useful apps, this is also becoming easier. If you do not spend the night at campsites, but only at free places and do not drive too much, it also costs a lot less than living in a house (in winter it also makes a huge difference in heating costs). This way you can share your time with paid work and leisure time. How much does it cost to live in a motorhome?

You can make living in a camper as expensive as you want. First of all, it depends on where you want to live in your camper. Do you just want to do that in the your country, or would you rather drive to the south of Portugal first? The first case makes a huge difference in fuel, but may cost you a bit more in overnight stays and food, for example. You have a lot of influence, especially on the place to stay. My advice: do what makes you feel good! Nobody can look into your wallet and nobody can determine for you what you do with your money. See what works for you and let it depend on how self-sufficient you are. What you can also influence yourself is how much you drive your camper around. If you bring a bicycle, you can leave your camper at home for small trips such as shopping. Incidentally, you always come quite far on foot. You save fuel when you set your device on highways and avoid toll roads. Avoiding toll roads is self-explanatory, avoiding highways may not. You may think that you will be on the road much longer before you reach a certain point, but because you maintain a much slower pace, you use much less fuel.

You can also save enough on food. For example, do your shopping at the local market or go to a cheap supermarket. You can find Aldis and Lidl all over Europe. Do cook a lot yourself, eating out can be extremely expensive.

Also determine in advance whether you want to live on your savings or just keep working. The latter is now very easily possible, for example with one of these 'digital nomad' functions. Or discuss with your employer whether your location can work independently.

Benefits of living in a motorhome and tips :

1. Camping in beautiful and less beautiful places 2. Dealing with clutter 3. Always have your toilet at hand 4. Provide a properly functioning solar panel 5. Alone or with two (or more) 6. Avoid getting hungry 7. Adjust your expectations

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