Explosion of motorhome rental in Western Europe due to Corona virus

In almost all of Western Europe last summer, the uncertain holiday situations as a result of the Corona virus led to a huge increase in camper rental.

This is reported by Goboony, the international camper sharing platform. According to the owner of Goboony, Mark de Vos, the huge boom in bookings is the result of the unpredictable summer season.

A camper was therefore the ideal alternative.

Just think: "you always have your own sanitary facilities with you and you can change the destination until the last minute. You can quickly pack your bags if the Corona situation on the spot becomes too serious. You feel that you have everything in your own hands. "

This need for certainty was also reflected in the destinations this summer.

Camper renters stayed close to home, unlike in previous years. For Belgians and Dutch, France was the favorite destination. British and Italians toured in their own country and on average limited the trip to a maximum of one week. The Dutch took an average of ten days for their stay with the camper.

Another striking result of last season was that Dutch people with slightly older children opted for a camper. In Great Britain, it was precisely the young people who opted for a holiday adventure on wheels.

(source : Kampeermagazine.nl - Goboony.nl )

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