Dutch speakers reside in Europe

Since March 16, WDCOM360 launched the CAMPERLOGIESEUROPA initiative.

You will stay with your camper in nice, quiet, idyllic places with spectacular views and you will be welcomed in Dutch. Each operator comes from the low countries (Belgium and the Netherlands) and has chosen to move to Southern (or Northern) regions to have his home there.

A list of more than 200 lodgings will be contacted. Every owner can register on the new website www.camperlogieseuropa.com to put his company in the spotlight.

As a Dutch-speaking person, you will therefore stay with a language companion.

The initiative has existed for 3 years and has grown from a popular Facebook group 'camper pitches for Dutch speakers in Europe' into a website with interactive options such as European and detailed map, route planner, details of each stay, and description with facilities.

In this way, these companies all come to be seen in the right light.

Promotions and news are also reported.

Go and take a look. Maybe there is one to wear on your next camper trip.

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